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Magnivis:   Translated from Latin, Magnivis means "A Great Force".  This is what we want for each one of our clients - to be a great force in business.  But business greatness only comes from both strategic planning and steadfast execution. 

At Magnivis Agency, this is what we do.

Our Consulting Expertise

Business Strategy

It all starts here. We look at your business model, your goals, your current efforts and build an actionable and complete battle-tested growth plan.

Web, Mobile & SAAS Development

Having built successful SAAS websites, mobile apps, desktop software and browser-based plugins, we are experts at development on all "STACKS".

Video Production

We produce animations, commercials and full-scale video shows and productions with our partners. Our studio sets and tools are 'bleeding-edge'.

Search Engine Optimization

Using results-proven best practices we will implement a plan for improving our clients' websites for their top keyword terms.

Social Media

Social Media works hand in hand with our SEO and Paid Ads teams, as well as our Content managers, creating a rich focused search and social framework - targeted perfectly.​

Paid Search

Our process and approach utilizes big data analytics and audience matching technologies to insure every ad served is as relevant as possible to that searchers intent.

"As a leader … your principal job is to create an operating environment where others can do great things.”

Richard Teerlink, Former CEO of Harley Davidson


we drive more sales. we drive more leads. we drive more passion. we drive more profits.

Our work is not in any one market, and we work with companies of all sizes. Our clients run the gamut of industry, technology and demographic which has given us experience and a blueprint for various battle-tested approaches and has helped us to enable their successes.

magnivis – a ‘great force’ in reaching the pinnacle of business achievment

Our Process


It starts with research - understanding each client's goals and market. We look at every angle and use baseline data as our starting point.


With data and market understanding we create an actionable plan and build on it. We also put in place several tools for detailed reporting.


Using reporting tools, we measure our success based on real data & real results to adjust and improve your marketing plan. Rinse and repeat.

“People do not decide to become extraordinary.  They decide to accomplish extraordinary things.”

Sir Edmund Hillary

(First Man To Summit Mt. Everest)


Full Video Production Studio
Live Broadcast Capabilities
TV & Digital Video Production
Business Animations


Client Projects Worked On
Hours of Coding For Clients
Campaigns Created or Managed

Some of Our Business Development & Digital Work:

Testimonials From Just A Few Of Our Fans

What Clients Say

"Working with them was one of the easiest experiences. They built everything on schedule and gave us an actionable plan for moving forward."
J. Raucci
Business Owner
"All ideas were thoroghly thought through. We selected the right mix of marketing and website updates and were delighted by the results."
T. Sacchi
business owner
"They found a big bottleneck in our business and built a custom SAAS to streamline the problem. For a small cost we saved big money in newfound productivity."
D. Wotring
business owner